Nico Kiriazis

Special guest

Low Ground is a musical experience curated in the state of Florida by musicians Amanda Accardi, Tom Callino, and Nicholas Kiriazis.The trio specializes in acoustic jams, continuously mixing the old with the new and adding twists of their own along the way. They are described as being a fresh sound that keeps the traditionalists happy, while also catering to those whose seek to push past the boundaries of the norm. Low Ground is heavily influenced by Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, Blues,Jazz, and Jam styles of music. As a band they strive to honor the history and traditions set forth by these styles of music; even while adding in their own artistic expression.

The band consists of Tom Callino; classically trained violinist and bluegrass enthusiast, Nico Kiriazis; Life-long musician and multi-instrumentalist whose repertoire spans genres, and Amanda Accardi; naturally inclined vocalist and musician with a keen ear for music. Together they form a unique trio whose love for music is apparent whenever they pick up their instruments!

Low Ground has expanded with the option of playing as a five piece band for a more complete bluegrass/full band sound. With the addition of Isaac Taylor on Banjo and Trevor Klutz on Mandolin, this group packs a punch that can't be denied.

Nico Kiriazis has been a guest on 1 episode.