Dirty Rivals

Special guest

Dirty Rivals is a high-energy rock band from South Florida. With a hard alternative rock sound, they are bound to take the music industry by storm. Consisting of Jacob Maicol, Nelson Brockwell, Ant Corredor and Steven Salguero, all music veterans, the band has been active since early 2020. However, soon after their formation , the Covid-19 pandemic struck, leaving the band wondering what was the next move. They used this to their advantage, though. Dirty Rivals took the year to solidify their sound - a sound that defines them and sets them apart to this day. With influences ranging from hard rock to indie rock to rock & roll, and drawing influence even from popular music, Dirty Rivals is truly the new wave of rock music. With over a years worth of repertoire now in stock, Dirty Rivals is finally ready to take on the rock scene of South Florida - as well as the world.

Dirty Rivals has been a guest on 1 episode.