Fox Maple

Special guest

Georgia born, Florida re-born

Fox attributes her unique musical and lyrical style to her diverse upbringing and wide range of influences. A multi-faceted master's-educated writer with a strong ear for melody, Fox keeps her songs in your head all day, and an unusual and strong vocal range will surprise new listeners. A longtime fixture in the South Florida metal and punk scene before branching out to a surf rock and oldies band, Fox formed the acoustic duo/trio Fox & Foes in late 2019 and began expanding her performance schedule with their versatile, upbeat and party-friendly shows. Described by Writer's Bone contributors as a "beachy mix of Concrete Blonde and Lucinda Williams", Fox's music is deeply influenced by a wide range of genres including classic surf rock, indie dream pop, country and folk.

Fox Maple has been a guest on 1 episode.