The Leafy Greens Band

Special guest

With a name that embodies being green in the sense of always growing, this acoustic rock and soul duo settled into the Americana genre with their music incorporating several styles. When writing songs, they don’t limit themselves to one style, but instead create music to tell their stories that they hope will inspire others. With the dream of energizing the spirit and freeing the audience of all concern through an immersive, passionate musical experience, Ellen Skogman and Billy Kensinger started performing together in January 2019. The audiences felt such a connection with The Leafy Greens Band that the duo played over 150 shows around Florida that first year. The word continued to spread quickly as Ellen and Billy are currently on pace to play over 200 shows in 2020 despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

The Leafy Greens Band has been a guest on 1 episode.