Ricky Bobby

Special guest

My name is Ricky and I have been writing and performing music for close to 20 years now. Starting off as a drummer I quickly realized it was really hard to write songs with no notes. I then taught myself to play guitar and turn bass and some other instruments. Time jump to 3 years ago when I started applying all my knowledge to a new type of art. Live Looping. On top of playin solo I also play with a band called The Shake as well as being a Drummer for hire in live and studio settings.

As a solo musican I utilize all aquired my skills and channel them into my looping show. Being a live looper I play each part of the songs (Drums, Guitar Bass Etc.) and build the song right in front of the audience. My audience and I have a lot of fun as they request songs and instruments for me to use to build the songs. It's a whole experience for me and my audience.

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