Rogue Theory

Special guest

Florida born band, Rogue Theory has been gracing the Sunshine Coast and tantalizing the entire country with their ever changing eclectic brand of uplifting and vivacious musicality genuinely capturing the hearts, ears, and attention of a vast variety of music lover for a few years now. Their modern day approach to indie-folk-pop-rock is inventively playful yet nostalgic, borrowing only the best elements from a multitude of musical genres. Harry Bayron is a true musician’s musician, guiding his tribe with equal parts melodic mastery and accompanied electric fiddled flair. Their deep brand of groove is flow state personified. Offering a little something for everyone, see for yourself what they’re all about and have the pleasure of checking a truly original soulful experience off your auditory bucket list.

Rogue Theory has been a guest on 2 episodes.