Switch N' Whisky

Special guest

SWITCH N’ WHISKY is the result of nearly three and a half years of hard work, perseverance and vision. In the fall of 2016, Hatchet (bass) and Coby Dante (guitar) set out to put together a rock n’ roll band that could hit the road, go the extra mile, and stand the test of time doing it. It was a split second decision fueled by a motivation to succeed. They had a name, they had a vision, but they didn’t have a complete band yet… and so the search began for a drummer and a singer.
Less than a month later, they found the young and aspiring Eric Steffon to play drums, who shared their musical interests and ambitions to take things to the next level. The trio agreed after much discussion that the hard part was going to be finding a singer and guitarist who would fit the energy, look and spirit of the band.
Then the stars aligned. In late January of 2017, the band stumbled across a man named Vern Daysel on Spotify. His style of music, guitar playing and voice were all SWITCH N’ WHISKY needed to complete the line-up. There was just one catch: Vern was in South Africa, and the band was in South Florida. Vern traveled to meet the rest of the band in May of 2017 and agreed to join, and soon after began the legal process of obtaining a work visa to make the move to the United States more permanent.
Two years later, Hatchet picked up Vern from the airport with a suitcase and two guitars on his back. Now entering a new decade, SWITCH N’ WHISKY is ready to do what it was meant to do: bring a new generation of rock n’ roll to audiences of all ages.
Lead Guitar / Coby Dante
Lead Vocals + Guitar / Vern Daysel
Bass + Backing Vocals / Hatchet
Drums / Eric Steffon

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